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Has your child had an EHC plan? Royal Greenwich wants to know how it was for you!

Last year Greenwich took part in a national survey called POET (Personal Outcome Evaluation Tool) and 11 parents and 24 professionals responded.

Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) found out that while most respondents felt that the new way of working gave a good picture of the child and their needs, and parents felt more involved in their child’s plans, one ‘outcome’ it did not help with was children and young people being part of their community.

So, the council has changed the ‘profile’ that the school completes with parents and young people. They are now asking schools to think with you about how your child or young person’s special need or disability affects them outside of school, for example when going out with friends or family or being part of clubs. This is part of the ‘care’ element of Education, Health and Care plans. They are also writing an information sheet for parents to help them to understand what this means for them.

This year RBG are taking part in the survey again but really need at least 50 parents, 50 professionals and 25 young people to complete the survey. So far 16 parents and 4 young people have taken part this year so they need a lot more to get the best possible picture of your experiences!

Your involvement will help RBG to:

  • compare the council to other Local Authorities; there are 75 different areas taking part.
  • find out what is not working well so they can make changes.
  • give parents and young people the chance to have their say.

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete and your answers are anonymous. You can go directly online to complete the surveys or you can ask for a printed copy to be sent to you.

There are two versions of the survey, one for parents and carers and a slightly different survey to be completed by the child or young person who has the plan.

So please help RBG to make things better by letting them know your views and helping your child to complete one for themselves where possible. Click on the the links below to start.

Survey for Parents and Carers

Greenwich (LB) – Survey for parents of children and young people who have an Education Health and Care Plan:


Survey for children and young people 

Greenwich (LB) – Survey for children and young people who have a Education Health and Care Plan, their life and the support they get:


The deadline for completing the surveys has been extended to the 11th December.

The results will not be received until January at the earliest but RBG will let parents know when they do get them and involve them and young people in thinking about what needs to be done to make things better based on the results.

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