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    A No Limits Holiday

    The car was packed to the brim with teddies and meerkats and us: myself, Chloe 8 and brother Josh 6 who is blind. We set off to Windmill Hill, East Sussex and all set for a fun packed PGL Activity Family Weekend superbly organised by VICTA, charity for blind and...
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    Wendy’s blog: The blind hotel

    Haven’t blogged for a while, disappeared into the summer hols with kids but we’ve all come out breathing! It was a lovely summer and the kids actually spent some time being nice to each other. This is a treat in this house hold and gives you that lightbulb moment ‘ahhhh,...
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    Wendy’s blog: Stomp Rocket

    Wow, this inclusion lark is tough. Week 2 of the holidays and here comes the day I’ve chewed nails over. A lovely day in Greenwich Park with friends and their children. A day for children to run free, kick balls, climb trees and general happy family-ness whilst parents sit down...
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    Wendy’s blog: Pity and fries to go

    Ok, this week I’d like to share a car experience. I have a few. From our Golf. It’s Friday night, time to treat the kids – with a McDonalds. Readers, stop rolling your eyes please. And for the record, I do like chicken nuggets with chilli sauce and a slimline...
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    Introducing Wendy

    I’m Wendy, Mum to Joshua 5 and Chloe 8 and my husband is Simon (I’ll leave our ages out – but for the record, feel about 98). Viv has asked me to do a blog for a bit. As you can imagine, this won’t be about a pink and fluffy...


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