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Ok, this week I’d like to share a car experience. I have a few. From our Golf.

It’s Friday night, time to treat the kids – with a McDonalds. Readers, stop rolling your eyes please. And for the record, I do like chicken nuggets with chilli sauce and a slimline latte. Anyway, we arrive at the Drive Thru.

Kids argue over the order, we all argue over the order, I holler at the lovely voice box, they holler back, I repeat order 10x and spell Fillet of Fish………lovely, job done. We crawl on round to the paying box.

I go to pay. Chloe sticks her head out of the window. “Hello” she says. How lovely I think.

“Hello” says the very smiley lady at the cash till.

“How sweet she is” she says to me.

Ummmmm, I think. Her attention soon turns to the other child in my car: Josh.

“Ahhh, is he asleep?”

“No” says Chloe “He’s blind.”

“Oh right, he’s playing?”

“No” says Chloe “he’s blind.”

“Oh, you mean he’s asleep?”

“No” says Chloe, “he’s blind.”

“Are you joking?” she says to me.

“No”, I say, “he’s blind.” Giving my best everything’s ok smile. (I have damaged teeth doing this smile). Do I keep prozac in the dashboard? No, sadly not.

“Josh” I say, “say hello to the lady.”

There were of course many other things I wanted him to say to the lady…………but of course, I’m thinking when she sees Josh’s eyes she might get the picture. So when she sees Josh’s eyes guess what happens?

“Oh my god” she bellows, over and above the dulcet tone of “Big Mac and fries”

Great. So I pay and get the hell out.

“Byeeee!” I say. Then just one more time for good measure. She leans out of her cabin, practically sticks her head in the car and squeals “OH MY GOD THAT”S SOOOOOOOOO SAD!…..”

Thanks Buddie. Thankfully Josh couldn’t hear because of John Legend’s “All Of Me” whittering away on the radio. The slow version of course – which makes me want to cry at the best of times. Very apt and all that I love you for your perfect imperfections bla bla bla.

Anyway, kids don’t care because they’ve got a McDonalds. And I can’t cry because I’ve the monster of all roundabouts to navigate to get us home.Life continues.

Mental note. Shouldn’t have gone to MacDonald’s.

Burger King next time!!!!

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