1. Bluebell House

    Bluebell House (Short Breaks Service) Greenwich Bluebell House provides children and young people with complex health needs with short breaks. The team understand that having a child with complex health...
  2. ‘Parent to Parent’ ASD support

    Parent to Parent (P2P) is a UK-wide confidential telephone service providing confidential, emotional support to parents and carers of children or adults with autism. It is run by the National...

    Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) is a free service available to parents, children and young people living in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. They...
  4. Whizz Kidz

    Whizz Kidz is a mobiity support charity that helps disabled children and young people in every community in very practical ways. Each year they aim to provide more children and...
  5. Travel insurance for disabled children

    This is a useful list of organisations that can help with travel insurance/travel arrangements. When planning a holiday, travel insurance is an issue that can present some obstacles for families...
  6. School Exclusion Project: free legal representation

    The School Exclusion Project provides free legal representation to challenge permanent school exclusion. Their volunteer representatives provide totally free advice and representation at all stages of the exclusion process.They specialise...
  7. Greenwich Expert Patients Programme

    The Greenwich Expert Patients Programme provides free self-management courses for anybody caring for someone with a long-term condition or living with a long-term health condition. Courses offer you the opportunity...
  8. ADHD parent support group (Mencap)

    Mencap runs a roving ADHD support group in locations around Greenwich on the last Friday of every month. The group offers parents of children and young people with ADHD a...


  1. Profile photo of Lisa


    July 2, 2014

    Is there a group for parents with kids with a mild intellectual disability/GDD?

    • Profile photo of Joanne Delap

      Joanne Delap

      July 4, 2014

      Hi Lisa, we are not aware of any specific groups. It may be worth contacting Mencap or the Greenwich Toy Library, see above for contact details.

  2. Profile photo of Caroline Wilson

    Caroline Wilson

    October 29, 2014

    Hi, I’m looking for some help if anyone knows of any. Over the last year my husband and I have had a number of medical problems. I am now fully recovered and have to go to work. My husband still has problems breathing.

    The problem is we have a 10 year old special needs child who had moderate learning difficulties and is at 5 years behind his peers developmentally My employer has been very supportive but my leave is coming to an end so we need help with getting to and from school, mainly from school as I can take to school.. We have tried lots of places and it feels like I am being both pushed from pillar to post and going round in ever decreasing circles so does anyone know of any organisation that can help.

    Many thanks for any help advice or suggestions you are able to give

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