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Greenwich Parent Voice presented a short talk on parent empowerment at the RBG Reforms Launch event in Greenwich today.

The event was hosted by the Royal Borough of Greenwich for Headteachers, Sencos and Inclusion leaders as well as reps from Health and the Voluntary Sector groups. It looked at the implementation of the SEN Reforms and considered the positive change that they should bring to our children’s lives.

Viv and Jo described the work that GPV does supporting parents in schools. We spoke about the challenges parents of children with special needs face, how they live with confusion, anxiety, exhaustion and sometimes social exclusion, and how this can result in complete disengagement when it comes to educating their child. We suggested ideas for how we can work together to draw parents back in, not just as team members in their child’s education but also in the wider life of the school. We emphasised how positive empowered parents make for happy and successful children.

Julia Cleary, Head of SEN for Greenwich and Joan Lightfoot, Head of Integrated Children’s Services walked us through a summary of the Reforms and the most up-to-date picture of how they will work in schools. Maria Tanner and Mary Apsley from Oxleas NHS Trust gave us some insight into the progress made in Health. We watched an uplifting short film made by students of Thomas Tallis, which sent a clear message that the EHC plan represents life-changing progress in supporting children to achieve their potential.

It was great to get everyone together and focused on how to make these Reforms really work in Greenwich.



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