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A new programme to support carers of children 0-5 with suspected SEND. Mencap, Greenwich Mencap and the Tizard Centre (University of Kent) are running a new programme for family carers to offer support, information, and advice for children 0-5 years. They would like to invite family carers over the age of 18 who have a child (aged 0-5) with a suspected learning or developmental disability to take part in the free programme running at The Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre, 141 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8JA.

The programme is free of charge and will consist of 6 x 3 hour sessions. If you are interested in attending contact: antonia@greenwichmencap.org.uk

About the Early-Positive Approaches to Support programme

Early-Positive Approaches to Support is an innovative programme that is being trialled by Mencap, in partnership with the Tizzard Centre, University of Kent, who have developed the course, to support families who have children with a diagnosed or a suspected learning/developmental disability/delay.

The free programme runs for 6 sessions, will be practice focused, and looks at building your skills and capabilities to support your child to develop and thrive.

The programme will support parents to:
Detect challenging behaviour at its earliest stages.
Understand the causes and triggers for challenging behaviour and find ways to reduce these proactively in the future
Build new skills and techniques to manage a range of issues, such as sleep management and communication
Increase the ways you can support your own wellbeing
advocate for therapies and support that meet your child’s needs

When and where
The programme is running from 1-4pm on Mondays from the 29th February at The Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre, 141 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8JA.

The programme referral criteria is: Parents who have a child aged 0 – 5 where developmental delay/LD has been suggested…Parents whose child either have a diagnosed learning disability, or be suspected of showing early signs of one…Parents who are concerned that their child is beginning to display challenging behaviour.
You need to live in the borough of Greenwich.
Either one parent or both can attend the training.

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