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The Community Consultation Groups are made up of representatives from Children’s Services including Schools, the Health Authority, the voluntary sector groups and parents.

There are four Community Consultation Groups:
1) Speech/Language and Communication
2) Sensory
3) Physical/Medical
4) Learning

The CCGs each meet approximately once a term to:

• Consider the priorities in the Children and Young People’s Plan
• To contribute to the identification priorities for commissioning services for disabled children
• To contribute information to need analysis and gap analysis
• To contribute to the identification of priorities for development and funding
• To assist in the identification of the needs for workforce development & training linked to the Accessibility Strategy
• To work with Children’s Services to monitor progress towards outcomes, and that those outcomes have a positive and measurable impact on the lives of children and young people
• To prepare feedback to the Joint Commissioning Group for Disabled Children
• To receive feedback from the Joint Commissioning Group for Disabled Children

Greenwich Parent Voice is an active participant in these groups. To contribute your views post here or email

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